About us

Our approach is rooted in a proven philosophy about how business and technology work together.

Built upon a framework for driving technical innovation forward to face the demands of a dynamically changing market, we have developed a process that completes the cycle, from invention to implementation whilst constantly striving to drive down the cost of ownership for our clients...

As an independent supplier to the market for over five years, our view has remained consistent and clear over that time.

The Broker has to be able to demonstrate the value they add in advising the client on how best to balance their risk management needs, whilst working with the underwriter to minimise their the risk exposure.

The challenge is made more demanding in our dramatically changing market - reduced underwriting capacity, new channels, Lloyd's market driven technology initiatives such as repositories and increased (and increasing) FSA regulation.

Brokers can no longer ignore the pivotal role that their IT infrastructure now plays as they either accelerate forward or shudder to a halt.

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